Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Babes-Bolyai University


The “Albert Ellis” Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Laboratory is the main setting of our educational activities. Educational activities are focused on (1) to know (declarative knowledge); (2) to do (procedural knowledge); (3) to be (personal development); (4) to live and develop together (e.g., social cohesion and civilisation development).

I. The Bologna Structure – Cycle of University Studies

Undergraduate Level
The members of the Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Department are in charge of clinical courses and/or courses related to the field, within the specialization of Psychology (i.e., major in psychology). Other disciplines of the specialization are managed by the other Psychology Departments within the Faculty.

Masters Level
The Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy runs a Master Program in Clinical psychology, psychological counseling, and psychotherapy, accredited by the ARACIS (our national agency for academic programs). This graduation of this program ensures access to the following professional levels: (1) practicing psychologist in clinical psychology; (2) practicing psychologist in cognitive-behavioral psychological counseling; (3) principal psychologist in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapies. It has two versions: “Clinical“-regular classes, and “Techniques“-modules. Recently (2009), the Department has developed a new Master Program, accredited by ARACIS, in Genetic Counseling, the first program in this field in Romania.

Doctoral Level
The Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is involved in the Evidence-based psychological assessment and interventions Doctoral School.

II. The post-Bologna Structure – Postdoctoral and Postgraduate Level Studies

The Albert Ellis Teaching Lab. is the support for the teaching activities of the Department.

The International Institute for the Advanced Studies of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health is the research platform of the Doctoral school.

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