Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Babes-Bolyai University


Efficient research is expressed in (a) theoretical (including cultural achievements), methodological (e.g., new techniques and methodologies), and (c) practical (complex technologies, services, products, including artistic production) innovation.

According to the literature, research activity (research-development-innovation; RDI) is the factor that makes the difference in performance and visibility among higher education institutions, the contribution to knowledge through RDI catalyzing all other university activities (e.g., didactic, innovative services, administrative).

RDI activity is thus original knowledge-producing activity. If the produced knowledge is theoretical, declarative (i.e., what we know: theories, laws), we talk about fundamental research; declarative knowledge is reflected in publications. If the knowledge produced is methodological, procedural (i.e., what we can do), we talk about applied research; procedural knowledge is found in publications. In cases where knowledge is procedural enough to be expressed in products (prototypes), technologies and innovative services, we talk about development-innovation research; this type of procedural knowledge is found in publications and/or patents and/or innovative products. In sum, scientific knowledge is expressed in publications and patents (with or without innovative products).

Not all scientific research, be it original and published in prestigious journals, is innovation! Innovation refers to the development of new constructs, methodologies and/or scientific products/services/technologies, recognized and assimilated by the national and international scientific and socio-economic community, that establish standards and/or change practices in the field.

Bellow we describe the main innovation of the members of the department, recognized as such at an international level (see the standards of the journals and publishers promoting them), which grant the School of Clinical Psychology in Cluj international visibility, impact, and competitivity.

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